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The Psychology of Online Lotto Winners

Lotteries are considered as soft forms of gambling but it is assumed to have some few negative effects. However, that doesn’t mean that gambling is passed over in an uncritical way and so lotteries should not be presumed from a psychological perspective. There is even a critical highlight for the authors of this report those who have reintroduced lotteries in the nation after many years. This is one of the interesting things to note that sometimes back in UK, the national lotto was considered not as a real gambling this is because this gambling was for a good cause. There is general believe among the scholars that the people loves to take risks intentionally and he will be staking money for any future event in order to gain money can be considered as gambling. So buying tickets for lotteries can be considered as bona fide type of gambling.

In Europe the lotteries are now considered not as gambling rather it can probably be perceived as a form of practice for a good cause. The has been some previous arguments that lotto is for good causes and whether it has the ability to soften people’s attitude towards gambling and it will help to reduce the social stigma of gambling activities like horse racing, casino, betting etc. in Europe it is a trend that gambling is being associated with other forms of socially unacceptable activities rather other addictions like alcoholism and smoking (Griffiths, 1995b; c; 1996).

If we consider UK as our case study, there is a major concern that introduction of National Lotto has no relation with lotto rather it holds a potential to have a future legislation. According to the gambling policies of UK government which dates back to the Gaming Act of 1968 states that any form of gambling should not be stimulating. Since the year 1994, it is said that “unstimulated demand” has been breached wit the introduction of the National Lotto system. On this incident, many commentators like lawyers (Miers, 1995), gaming consultants (Kent-Lemon, 1995), the Gaming Board (Galston, 1995), psychologists (Griffiths, 1994a) and the UK Home Office (Johnston, 1995) have highlighted the issue.

The European gambling laws have now become much relaxed and it has rather become like a product which is more being advertised and this will automatically lead to a natural increase with people taking up the services.  This may also lead to more people, who will experience more gambling problems because of the increase in the gaming establishments,

Who Are the Online Lotto Winners

According to an expert Douglas, it is very important to argue that there are diverse requirements and in the behavioral pattern of the targeted individual who are for the marketing purpose. Just like Lammers which can be categorized into sub players which are based on three dimensions and the three dimensions are:

• The motivating and the personal interest, there is a predominant of chance or skill
• There is a preparation for the risks which is determined by the subjective estimation of the probability of winning
• The intensity of gaming where there is a degree of bother time and investment that leads to either being a regular player or an occasional player.
The above three can be considered as formulations just like other typologies which can be theoretically useful but serves little as an empirical research.

How online lotto winners are categorized

in counties like United States, there is a wide classification of Values and Life Styles and this classification are considered as the four online lotto winners types known as investor, believer, plunger and Participant.  They can be defined as follows:

• Investor: They are well informed players who access the picks and odds game carefully
• Believer: The person has a profound confidence in the techniques those who are in a better position for choosing the winning numbers
• Plunger: The plungers are deeply involved in debts and down with their last few dollars and they consider gambling as a way of salvation.
• Participant: It enjoys the non-monetary aspects of the participation

The typology which appears as the “plungers” experiences more negative social impact and there are no sufficient research is known to be done for particular sub group players. So therefore an ethical question arises that whether the “plungers” or the gaming operators should deliberately market their product.

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