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Unclaimed Win Cases in Latest Lottery Results


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This article talks about the strange cases of unclaimed lottery prizes where people won millions but never came to the forefront to claim their prize money.

Latest lottery results worldwide have brought forward some mysterious cases of unclaimed prizes won in a lottery for more than a year’s time.


The reason behind not claiming the bids when the results are announced is indeed intriguing and extremely perplexing. Trying your luck at the game of lottery and winning in the same is a rarity and finding cases where people never come forward to get their millions, sitting idly for their rightful owners, is anti climactic and rouse an air of mystery about the whereabouts of the winner under consideration.


For instance a story published on November 30, 2011 talks of a winner of the Novemeber 11 EuroMillions draw who has more than 170,000 pounds to his name never surfaced to claim his reward. He has time till May, 2012 to claim his prize. Such stories of unidentified winners who don’t surface even after repeated advertisements and tracking efforts of the lottery organizers have always been coming.


Such cases are generally because of sheer negligence and carelessness on the part of the ticket buyer who never hopes to win in the game. Lottery is like a gamble where people participate for the thrill and many a times forget to wait and see if luck actually plays out in his favor. So happened in the case of a young university student on Western Australia who never came up to claim her million dollar prize as she had lost her ticket and came forward a year and a half later to claim her prize money.


Maybe the reason behind such cases of winning in lottery online and never bothering to check is because people done expect luck t favor them to this extent even on a random basis. But such cases also have another aspect of creating a sense of suspense and air of mysticism about the whereabouts of such players.